The Process

The casting process is completely safe for your child. We use a top quality impression material which is non-toxic, non allergenic and bio degradable. This is the same product used by dentists to create dental moulds.

The impression powder is mixed with water (which is at room temperature) and then your baby’s hands and/or feet are placed into the moulding material. Within approximately one minute the mixture starts to set creating the mould. This mould is very flexible which allows easy removal of the hands and/or feet. It is a bit like taking off a glove.

The casting of each hand or foot takes approximately 5 minutes but it may take a little longer for the child/children to settle sufficiently so as not to overawe them. Therefore the time for each child’s casting session will vary but can it take up to half an hour depending on the extent of the 3D casting to be carried out, i.e. 2 hands and 2 feet, one hand and one foot, 2 hands only, 2 feet only, etc.

Once the 3D moulds have set for a sufficient time we use casting plaster to create a replica of the hands and/or feet which highlights every detail and crease. The cast is then left to dry naturally.  Once the 3D casting is completely dry, your preferred ‘Moulded Memories’ finish will be applied. The cast is then sealed and mounted with a name plate in a hand made box frame.

The 3D ‘Moulded Memories’ are then ready for collection.

This complete process takes 3 to 4 weeks.