How would you like to capture a wonderful moment in your baby’s unique life with some bespoke hand crafted 3D ‘Moulded Memories’?

Our bespoke, hand crafted 3D ‘Moulded Memories’ are a life-sized replica of your baby’s hands and/or feet in which all the fine detail is captured forever. A moment is captured for a lifetime.

Time goes by so quickly, particularly when you think of a newborn baby. They are changing and growing on a daily basis. So why not capture a precious moment of that wonderful time by having a unique hand crafted 3D life casting of your baby’s hands and/or feet created by ‘Moulded Memories’?

All the beautiful, natural detail of your baby’s hands and/or feet can be replicated and preserved in a unique hand crafted sculpture.

Life-sized bespoke hand crafted 3D ‘Moulded Memories’ can also be cast for toddlers, older children and adults.

Our ‘Moulded Memories’ are the perfect way to remember all special occasions such as Christenings, Christmas, Birthdays, etc.

Mounted in a hand made box frame, these beautiful bespoke life-sized 3D castings will forever be a treasured keepsake. We have a selection of frame sizes and styles as well as a variety of finishes available from which to choose. 

Each of our ‘Moulded Memories’ is complete with either a gold or silver effect personalised name plate, complete with the child’s age or date on which the moulded memory was created.

Our ‘Moulded Memories’ gift vouchers provide a unique and very personal gift for someone you dearly love and cherish.

We are registered members of the following;
Craft Council of Ireland (CCOI)